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We are a group of science aficionados. From the very beginning the members of the Group are engaged in every aspects of research, not only the lab work, but also presenting and critically discussing the results, writing scientific papers and grant applications, etc. The goal is to form free-thinking specialists that can contribute to progress of science and technology at all levels. A number of group ex-members succeed to gain their rewarding positions at academia or industry, became independent leaders, patent lawyers, or founded their own high-tech companies.

= Staff; = Postdoc ; = PhD Student ; = Undergraduate; = Visitor

Prof. Dr. habil. Eng. Karol Grela

Group leader

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Dr. Eng. Anna Kajetanowicz


Dr. Anna Rybicka

Management / Postdoc

MSc Eng. Magdalena Kurowska


The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Impossible is nothing – dream it, believe it, achieve it!

MSc Eng. Ewa Suska


I enjoy baking cakes, snowboard for little adrenaline and most of all, closely following recent advances in quantum chemistry

Dr. Talea Saeco

Extraction Specialist (ICHO)

Hobby: good coffee

Hr. Vero Bosch

Extraction Specialist (UW)

Hobby: being clean

Dr. Phillip Jolly


Hobbies: Self-development, socialising, being awesome.

Dr. Nirmalya Mukherjee


Dr. Eng. Artur Chołuj


Experienced in organic chemistry and porous materials synthesis, design and utilization.

Dr. Ritabrata Datta


MSc Eng. Mariusz Milewski

PhD Student

A cup of hot coffee in the morning, a good book afternoon, a walk in the evening - what can be more inspirational?

MSc Eng. Michał Patrzałek

PhD Student

Professional experience in the field of cooperation between the entrepreneur and the university has led me to once again take a scientific journey. Currently I am a PhD student conducting research on catalyst immobilization and new conditions for olefin metathesis reactions. After work, I rest with a book (mostly sci-fi, fantasy), practicing compound archery and from time to time with close friends I'm become a dungeon master for role playing games

MSc Michał Dąbrowski

PhD Student

Hobbies: chemistry, computers, SF enthusiast. Fan of S. Lem books

MSc Paweł Małecki

PhD Student

"Every new beginning comes at some other beginning's end" Seneca

MSc Adrian Sytniczuk

PhD Student

Hobbies: cooking, reading books

MSc Wojciech Nogaś

PhD Student

I am passionate about how scientific achievements create business opportunities. Save for that, in my free time I like surreal jokes, sports, natural environment and economical and military history

MSc Sebastian Planer

PhD Student

My hobbies are all kinds of sport and I am always ready for a good match of table soccer

MSc Anna Marczyk

PhD Student

I am a first year PhD student searching for new challenges and solutions in metalloorganic chemistry. My hobby is travelling, photography and meeting new people

MSc Katarzyna Gajda

PhD Student

MSc Marta Czarnota-Bojarska

PhD Student

TriBioChem Power PhD Student

I'm biologist crazy enough to start learning chemistry at my PhD studies

MSc Rafał Kusy

PhD Student

MSc Grzegorz Szczepaniak

PhD Student

Now on scholarship at Prof. Matyjaszewski Labs at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA.

MSc Krzysztof Grudzień

PhD Student

Now on scholarship at Dr. Marc Mauduit Labs at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (UMR CNRS), France

MSc Rafał Kusy

PhD Student

Jakub Piątkowski

Student (MisMAP)

Fierce lover of volleyball, basketball, computer games and music. Very sociable and full of energy - never refuses meetings and hanging out

Jarosław Ciślak


Łukasz Kapuśniak


Hobbies: making chemistry, training judo, ​playing music

Paweł Krzesiński


Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. It is my ambition to say in few words what others say in a whole book

Aleksandra Zasada


Hannes Lerm


I enjoy the finer things in life such as hiking, reading and listening to music, although my most pleasant “hobby” is spending time in the lab doing chemistry. At present I am working as an intern in the Grela group on the synthesis and activity studies of fluorenyl-NHC bearing ruthenium catalyst

Ewelina Kwiatkowska


In my free time I enjoy dancing, going to the theater and reading books

Jakub Wagner


Group count: 29 + 2

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