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We are introducing olefin metathesis reaction into everyday industrial practice

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  1. Anupam Jana and Karol Grela "Forged and fashioned for faithfulness—ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts bearing ammonium tags", Chem. Commun., 2018, 54, 122-139.

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The aim of the Team Tech project, supported by the Foundation for Polish Science, is to remove existing limitations in the use of catalysis in modern chemical production. For example, the revolutionary method of obtaining organic compounds, the catalytic olefin metathesis, although potentially powerful and innovative, is very rarely used in the industrial production of complex organic compounds.

The project's goal is to break through a number of barriers that currently prevent the widespread application of this reaction in chemical production, intensify it, make it more environmentally-friendly, more selective, and more accessible.

Potential solution for this will include the development of new immobilized ("anchored") ruthenium complexes as metathesis catalysts. The same approach will be adopted in the case of potentially very promising gold catalysis.

Based on the most recently published opinions and our own experience of working with the chemical industry, we have identified a number of problems that, as we believe, will result in much wider use of modern organic synthesis methods (eg, olefin metathesis, gold catalysis) in industrial practice.


The project is a joint effort of international european partners.

Dr. Hynek Balcar: Dr. Balcar works in the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and he is the well-known expert in the field of zeolites.

Dr. Michał Chmielewski: he is working i.e. on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as catalysts for organic reactions, supramolecular chemistry of anions – molecular receptors, sensors and transporters for anions, photoswitchable receptors and catalysts and dynamic combinatorial chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirschning: Prof. Andreas Kirschning's research interests cover structure elucidation as well as the semi-, total and mutasynthesis of natural products, biomedical biopolymers, and synthetic technologies (solid-phase assisted synthesis, microreactors and inductive heating).

Prof. Dr. Olivier Kappe: Professor Kappe (University of Graz) has an extensive general experience and a 25 year track record in synthetic and physical organic chemistry, process intensification using batch microwave technology and flow chemistry/microreaction technology. He is actively involved in projects dealing with API synthesis and manufacturing, employing a number of different enabling and process intensification technologies.

Dr. Eng. Michał Bieniek — Apeiron Synthesis S.A: Dr. Michal Bieniek is a co-founder and the CEO of Apeiron Synthesis, our industrial partner. He is a co-inventor of six patents and patent applications and the author of over 20 scientific publications in the areas of novel metathesis catalysts and their commercial applications.

The Team

The team consists young specialists in olefin metathesis, new materials and organic chemistry.

Together we are pursuing research that aims at solving basic olefin metathesis disadvantages to enable its professional industrial use.

  • Karol Grela


    Renown specialist in olefin metathesis

    Karol Grela, prof.

  • Anna Kajetanowicz

    Associate leader

    Organic chemistry, metaloenzymes and catalysis specialist

    Anna Kajetanowicz, PHD

  • Anna Rybicka

    Coordinator/scientific and technical personnel

    Anna Rybicka, PHD

  • Artur Chołuj

    MOF synthesis specialist

    Artur Chołuj, PHD

  • Wojciech Nogaś

    Experienced in crystal engineering & material design

    Wojciech Nogaś, PHD student

  • Michał Patrzałek

    Experienced in graphene and carbonaceous materials

    Michał Patrzałek, PHD student

  • Mariusz Milewski

    Experienced in olefin metathesis and metalorganics

    Mariusz Milewski, PHD student

  • Anna Marczyk

    Experienced in olefin metathesis and metalorganics

    Anna Marczyk, PHD student

  • Students

    • Paweł Krzesiński
    • Aleksandra Zasada
    • Jakub Piątkowski
  • Former members

    • Agnieszka Tycz
    • Anupam Jana