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"Electron Impact Mass Spectra of Some Tertiary Aliphatic Nitro Compounds. Nitrocarbonyl Compounds and Some Analogues"

Konopski, L.,a Grela, K.b
Org. Mass Spectrom. 1992, 27, 741-745.

aInstitute of Industrial Organic Chemistry, PL-03 236 Warsaw, Poland
b Warsaw University of Technology (Politechechnika), Department of Chemistry, PL-00 664 Warsaw, Poland.


{Abstract}"The mass spectra of some tertiary aliphatic nitroaldehydes, nitroketones, nitroesters, nitronitriles and related nitrocarbonyl compounds are discussed and compared with those of some analogous nitro compounds lacking the carbonyl function. The M+. - NO2. and in several cases M+. - HNO2 fragmentations seem to be the most characteristic features of all tertiary aliphatic nitro compounds. In the presence of the primary nitro group, the loss of HNO2 is always observed."
(C) 1992 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. All rights reserved.

Language: English

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, W Sussex
IDS Number: HZ332
ISSN: 0030-493X

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